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Forcombo has simplified my job when it comes to marketing our product, managing inventory whether it be for sale or sold and the kicker which really puts it all together is the transportation board, just post loads on the system and allow connected truckers to choose loads on the list. I'm very happy with the system and look forward to maximizing its use.

Jason Boucher General Manager

Boucher Brothers Lumber

The Board has simplified the process of all aspects of lumber sales, from the initial order placed to the administrative portion of invoicing. With a few clicks of the mouse, we accept an order, post the shipping info, and download an invoice!

We are shipping orders faster, and have received great feedback from the trucking companies on how easy it is to book loads.

The ease and simplicity of the transition to The Board was greatly due to the helpful support from the Forcombo team.

The Team has been extremely proactive with suggestions of change and open to new ideas and this has led to positive upgrades to the system.

Thank you Team Forcombo!

Northland Forest Products Ltd

Nikki Zarr Controller

Northland Forest Products Ltd

I really appreciate this system. I can book loads 24/7 and don't have to make calls back and forth to accomplish one booking.



Nancy Allan


“Forcombo is easy to use. It enables us to buy product from the mills online and shows us when our loads have shipped, both of which are a real time saver. The Transportation Board has helped us get our product shipped by connecting us with trucking companies who have trucks in the area”

Dave McWilliams

Magnum Forest Products