Adding Value
Through Innovation

"We Believe There Is A Better And More Efficient Way To Trade And Ship Forest Products."

"So We Created An Electronic Trading Platform That Connects Buyers And Sellers Of Forest Commodities In A Complete Trade Cycle."

"Join Us And Lead The Innovation."

"A system Designed by Lumbermen for Lumbermen"

About Us

The Forest Commodities Board Inc. (FCB) was created from a desire to add value and modernize the trading process of our industry.

The FCB system - "The Board" - captures the entire trading procedure in a seamless electronic fashion.

It is the result of the fusion of over one hundred years of lumber experience and seventy years of world class computer science and artificial intelligence development.

The development process involved many years of industry consultation resulting in FCB (The Board).

“A system Designed by Lumbermen for Lumbermen”

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